Akın İnşaat was merged with Mig Mimarlık Company, which was established by Akın Holding and Architect Oğuz Öztuzcu in 1988 in Istanbul, and continues its operations in construction and real estate development fields.

Akın İnşaat (Mig Mimarlık) has completed 2 projects in Bodrum peninsula since its establishment. One of them is a site consisting of 10 villas on a beachfront area of 20.000 m² in Hebil Cove, which is behind Türkbükü, with its own beach.

The other project is Dwelling Resort Site construction named Kayakoy consisting of 43 independent houses and common facilities and located on an area of 55.000 m² with 750 m coastal line on the cape between Türkbükü and Gündoğan.